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“We highly recommend Walker Developments if you are considering a custom Built home. We recently built an in-fill custom home this past year… from planning to finishing, our experience was stress-free. Craig is a builder with integrity and focuses his attention to quality and detail. He was very considerate of our ideas and extremely eager to work with us to fulfill our wishes. All the trades he hires were all very professional. He surrounds himself with trades he trusts and knows have excellent workmanship. It was an absolute pleasure to have had this opportunity to design and build our new home with Craig Walker.”

Dennis and Karen McLaughlin
May 20,2016

“We bought a home in June 2014 from Walker Developments. We love our new home. It is very functional and modern at the same time. Craig was very thoughtful in his development of the home, thinking through many details to make it more comfortable and durable over the long term. We hired a home inspector in prior to taking possession and he had a hard time finding any flaws, he was very impressed with the construction. We bought a spec house so all the finishings were preselected. Everything that was picked was very nice including but not limited to the Caserstone counter-tops, limestone fireplace and engineered hardwood floors. He did not cut corners with the construction or the finishing materials. He maintained a high standard throughout the house whether it was the basement or the master bedroom. There is a consistent feel throughout the house. Craig’s eye for detail is impeccable. His service has also been very prompt, often going beyond the call of duty to address any concerns that we brought up. We would definitely recommend Walker Developments!”

Carmen MacKenzie & Jason Gunthrope
October 11, 2014

“We bought a Walker Developments Custom Home in January 2013.  The top quality finishings and attention to detail are readily apparent upon entering the home.  The windows, doors, light fixtures, tiles, furnace, and baseboards are just a few examples of features that were carefully chosen and are above average compared to other homes.  The home has a unique layout that flows nicely, is bright, cohesive, and well put together. Mr. Walker put forethought into leaving us future options for a deck, by putting in pilings, and a basement suite, by plumbing the basement for a kitchen and laundry.  The yard is landscaped nicely – we weren’t sure what was going to appear in the spring after the thaw, and were very pleased to discover full edging with mulch, planted with shrubs and a few trees, with ornamental rocks placed throughout. Thank you, Mr. Walker; we are very proud to own a Walker home.”

Patricia Brost and James Baker
June 2, 2013

“My wife and I purchased a home from Walker Developments in January, 2013.  We had looked at a number of houses in neighbourhoods adjacent to the Mill Creek Ravine and finally selected the home that Craig had built at 8750 78th Ave. We selected this home for a number of reasons. The layout was practical and showed the design was well thought out. Craig has included a number of features that indicate the desire to build to a slightly better standard. These include extensive use of LED lighting, superior quality wood flooring, plumbing fixtures and granite. Features you do not see include R50 insulation in the ceiling. I was amazed to discover that our heating bills in the Winter are less than our previous home in Vancouver! Other cost saving features are the high efficiency furnaces and hot water tanks. A walk through our home speaks of quality and  pride of craftsmanship. I am sure that we will enjoy this home  for years to come.”

Thomas Wolf
April 14, 2013

“We had been looking for some time to purchase a house and simply could not find anything that checked all the boxes. Our realtor suggested we look at property in the Bonnie Doon area and recommended we talk to the builder who owned the lot – Craig Walker. It was May 2010 and we began talking about the possibility of purchasing the lot and having Craig build a home to our specifications. We met fairly often over the next few months and went over designs Craig had developed. We are very particular about what we like in a home but after a short time and providing Craig with an extensive list of wants, he drafted a perfect floor plan. During this process we met at a house he was building on the same block, which provided an excellent opportunity to watch his approach to construction. Being cautious about building and never having had the experience, we also spoke to a number of his previous clients who were all extremely positive about their experience with Craig.

“In our view Craig is best characterized with terms such as quality, responsive and transparent. Our experience was extremely positive and quite the opposite of the many stories people had told us about their building experiences. Craig lived in the area and only built one or two houses every year. We were very impressed with Craig’s obsession with quality. From enhanced steel to reinforce the foundation or additional and deeper piles for the decks or higher quality concrete than normal, Craig was meticulous about the quality of construction. As the construction progressed, we also noted his flexibility to recommend changes that would not only enhance the appearance but also enhance the quality of construction. We got to know his trades as we visited the construction site and the common theme among all the trades was they indicated Craig was their favorite builder because he did not but corners, treated them with respect and was never behind in payables.

“Craig is one of the most responsive individuals I have met. In the past two and a half years I have known Craig and the more than a hundred phone calls i made to him, I can count on one hand the number of times I got his voice mail versus actual contact, This was invaluable as a nervous and demanding customer. Related and important was his ability to manage expectations properly. Although anxious to get things done and move in, Craig was always clear and realistic about the timing and completed the house well before the year we had agreed upon. Finally, we really appreciated his transparency and flexibility. Although Craig has above normal specifications such as maple wood floors and cabinets and tile, our wish list was above that and Craig was more willing to accommodate. So we agreed on a square foot price which was considerably lower than other builders I had checked out including high end boutique builders. From there, we developed a budget above Craig’s specs which include things like Brazilian cherry floors and cherry cabinets etc. Craig was willing to include this as part of the contract. What really separates Craig from other builders is he allowed us to use his discount for those extras and deal directly with his suppliers. There was no mark up by Craig and we received invoices directly from the suppliers. This saved us an enormous amount and we got exactly what we wanted.

“We highly recommended Craig and would absolutely ask him to build a future house. In addition to the attributes listed above, we really grew fond of Craig because he is not only a highly competent builder, he is really decent individual. His honesty is clear as can be and he really cares about workmanship. In the year following our move in, he has continued with those attributes – never got a voice mail, he tended to every issue that arose (there were very few – we actually had more issues with appliances) and displayed a genuine interest as we got accustomed to our new home including as we landscaped. If you choose Craig you wont’t go wrong and you will be extremely pleased.”

Thomas and Deb Droege
Telephone: 780.433.7140

“In May 2009, I hired Craig Walker of Walker Developments to build a house on 92 Avenue and 94 street, Edmonton, Alberta. Craig Walker was recommended to me because his reputation in his use of materials, workmanship and being honest quality builder. He designed a home that met the family needs and function by providing a separate entrance to the basement which made it easy to enjoy the inside space. The construction was completed on time and the site was kept very clean during the build. My experience with Craig resulted in a residence that is enjoyed and you’d want to come home to. I highly recommended Walker Developments, a trustworthy respectful builder!”

Linda Humeniuk
May 12, 2010

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